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Dave Naydock's Story

     Dave Naydock was a mural and studio artist, who was born in Pottsville and returned to spend his adult life beautifying the town.


     His murals can be seen at many locations around town, and his studio work graces walls around the world.  Dave was also an inquisitive and social fellow, who's wealth of knowledge included much Pottsville history as well as science, architecture, art history...he absorbed information and had a knack for sharing it in ways accessible to his audience. (Click to read more)

Remember Dave In Your Own Words



Artist Reserves All Artwork Copyright 2015

May 29, 1960 - January 20, 2013


Dave Naydock

            Art Catalog

Every piece that Dave created is unique. So is the story that goes with it. Here is the chance to share your story with everyone!


We are creating a Dave Naydock Art Catalog that will  document Dave's work. We hope to collect as much information about as many Dave pieces as possible.  We hope to feature this information during  Dave Day - May 29, 2016.



Click the photo below to read about efforts to save the Brewer's Outlet mural